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Helping Children

Strong Voices gives voice to the views, wishes and needs of the most vulnerable children and young people across the world like:

Kobe aged 5 who lives in a leprosy colony in Nigeria whose dream was to own a red bouncing ball. We managed that in a matter of hours. Getting the football kit for the rest of the community took a little longer as the team they supported was CHELSEA – we have some wonderful video footage of them receiving the kits!

The young people in the leprosy colony lived in desperate conditions, drinking water melted from the ice in the local mortuary – that is now rectified and we start to work now on their bigger wishes of having the education they need to become mechanics, nurses, teachers and football players. NEED sponsors but we are also developing a micro economic scheme.

Victor is 8 months old, was abandoned into an orphanage in Ghana as he is severely disabled. He has no hope of living in a family in Ghana – we want to start by working with the staff to equip them with the skills to stimulate and work to a care plan to develop his abilities, to create more opportunities for play and develop a consultation group of children and young people to challenge the stigmatization of disabled people within their communities

Peter is 17 and grew up in an orphanage in Romania – he has moderate learning difficulties. We have evidence that he is at risk of being sold to child traffickers and being transported abroad to care for cannabis plants in organized factories. We will work in partnership to develop a safe house for him and others